We may have sometimes looked at people at certain times and disclosed to them what we think might fit them in terms of profession, relationship, the use of material goods etc.

One may fit into something without the thing fitting into one. When the “fitting in” is one sided, there is bound to be serious crises and confusion in values.

Fitting into something does not make one belong to the thing fitted into.

Should a man join the military simply because the military uniform would look good on him?

When bombs begin to explode, such a man will soon be able to differentiate ‘fitting into the

military uniform’ from ‘belonging to the military.’

Where one fits into should not necessarily be the platform through which one should carry out life’s operation but where one ought to belong.

Fitting into the wrong thing is fitting into nothing. Fitting into the right thing is fitting into something.

How beautiful it is to fit into the right thing which naturally fits into us.



-Fr Augustine Abiagom cm

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