Do Little Things in Extraordinary Ways

A lot of people have a contorted idea of what being a Christian is all about. Some are led to believe that they are wonderful Christians because they say fifty decades of the rosary daily, or because they attend mass twice a day, or because they say the Stations of the Cross every morning. Yes these acts are really great, but Christianity entails so much more.

For students, did you attend all your lectures today? Did you skip any classes out of laziness? Have you been able to study your books today?

As an employee, have you made sincere efforts to meet up with targets and deadlines? Did you attend to clients appropriately, did you perform your job tasks effectively? Do you have a great attitude amongst peers and colleagues?

How productive have you been? What and what have you been able to achieve? How have you impacted in the society? Are you sitting idly waiting for the saviour to return? Or you’re pretending to be great when in reality you’re not.

Holiness entails carrying out little tasks in extraordinary ways. It entails carrying out our daily activities effectively and making outstanding impact.

If people only judge you as a great Christian because they see you in church really often, or because you wake them up in the morning with your morning prayers, then you really aren’t that much of a great Christian. People ought to see how focused you are with your studies, and how effective you are at work, how morally sound and responsible you are, and from your kind and charitable attitude too, understand that your faith is really a great one. And as a result, desire to join your Christian faith.

After reading about Christ in the bible, Mahatma Gandhi was filled with great admiration for Christ. He expected his followers to also portray the virtues of Jesus which he had read about, but the Christians he came across were nothing like what he read about. When asked why he doesn’t want to become a follower of Christ, Gandhi answered; “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Even now, a lot of people leave the church because of the attitude of certain people. Although, this is not enough reason to leave the church, it is enough reason for us to think about the effect of our lifestyles on others. Pagans do not really care about how many times you prayed or fasted, what they care about is how well you carry out your daily activities. This is what they can assimilate, because this is what they too are involved in.

We are called to carry out our responsibilities in an extraordinary manner and by so doing, serve as a light to others and also offer God the pleasing offering of diligence.


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