2018 New Year Message: LET US RETURN TO THE LORD.

2018 New Year Message: LET US RETURN TO THE LORD.

As I lay on the couch this morning on this first day of 2018 after the “Cross Over” prayer night I recieved a message for you and me and for the entire human race. This message is the truth and nothing but the truth. It is a message that calls us to remember the Cross of Jesus Christ.

The Cross of Jesus Christ reminds me of God’s love for the world and the need for all and sundry to return and remain in the love of God from which we often stray.

No amount of prayer and prophetic declaration can replace the need of our return to our first love. We cannot continue to chase shadows leaving behind reality. We cannot continue doing things that make us feel good but not good. The problem of the world is sin and that was why Christ was born to die that we might be saved. In the family and society, members should play their roles in love. In religion, the Holy Spirit should lead the way and not human sentiments.

The transformation of hearts and its dedication to God should be our primary resolution this year. We need God. We should not forget heaven. We need to think deeply about where we are going after this passing life.

God helps us!
Fr. Abiagom Augustine cm

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