There are many things about the Catholic Church, which have remained surprising both to Catholics and more especially to Non-Catholics. A further research about this oldest Church in Christendom will leave you with these discoveries:

1. Catholic Church records the greatest number of miracles more than any other Christian denomination in the world, and most of these miracles take place within the Mass. They believe in the Real presence, and therefore Jesus Christ takes flesh in their consecrated host and wine, and never leaves anymore. This continued presence of Jesus in the consecrated Hosts forms the secret behind most of the miracles in the Catholic Churches.

2. They are the only Church who saw the apostles. And therefore did not only inherit the Bible, but also the Sacred Traditions of the Apostles. This implies that the first chapters in the history of Catholic Church began in the bible, with St Peter as the first Pope, and the first Council held in Jerusalem as Council.

3. However, 99% of the key Christian ceremonies were observed according to the Catholic calendar (Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, etc).

4. What makes any Church a Christian denomination is the belief in the dogma of the Trinity (Three Persons in one God). However, this dogma was defined by Catholic Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 and concluded in the Council of Constantinople in 381.

5. Catholic Church has the fastest ways of reaching out to God, through the sacraments, through the intercession of Mary and the saints, and a direct access to God in his fullness.

6. A great number of people, who criticize the Catholic Church for honoring Mary, still believes in her and pray through her in the secret.

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