In a setting where you’re privileged to talk to group of individuals, maybe on a penitent issue.

There are most of the reactions that often arouse in the midst of the group you’re addressing to.

It is on this same note that you obviously try to elucidate properly a study which often may have sounded so difficult.

Now the thing becomes; there are different levels of understanding and perhaps, different categories of the audience.

One thing with passing out information is that it affects to people in different way; hence we have positive and negative influence from any information given.

Whatever be the concentration of the message, it has been a tradition that different kinds of people with different kinds of views about life would approach the table of message with different kinds of reactions.

Now, I’ve over again written so many works here. With me has been collection of relationship articles, philosophical write-ups, motivational excerpts, Biblical recitations and just many more.

I understand that the content of the information each one is carrying has over and awhile been misunderstood by people.

Various readers who may have read it with worries and wrong disposition. However, I’d never owe anyone any apology hence I’ve tried to sieve out good messages that’d be for utilitarian purpose.

But if your state, has been or become to read out meaning from the original meaning. Then I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have to take the consequences of what and how you’ve met the message.

In a collection of people, we have different individual who has in one way or the other frustrated with things I may be irresponsible of. Some come into a hall with diversified mind: owing to the present or bad conditions they might have gone through.

And you’d have to convince me on how a woman who has not had a good relationship all her life, would understand a message the same way with a lady who’s in a healthy relationship.

How will you tell me that a man who has been challenged with health issues will have the same disposition with a man with sound health with strong mind?.

In such case, therefore, no writer or public speaker should be held responsible for the misinterpretation of any message.

I’m only responsible for what I’ve said, but for what each and everyone of you understood, would never be my business. If you must react, then first begin with the condition life has offered to you.

-Princewell Okwuoha.

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