EMMANUEL: A Message at Christmas

No one would doubt that the birth the world celebrates today is indeed the birth of the Kings of kings and Lord of lords. The birth that smiles our faces, puts joyful songs on our lips, uniting families and communities; what a birth!

The birth that announces the beginning of a new era which even the atheist cannot refute. The world’s calendar was fixed taking into cognizance the century of the birth of the babe born of a virgin. Could the birth of a simple mortal influence the course of history in such a way? An infant whose birth troubled a King; who could this child be?

Wise men from the east left immediately for Bethlehem because of a little babe born of woman. Why? Dear, they saw His Star and had to leave for Bethlehem to do Him homage. What a mystery! A child but also the King of Kings and Lord of lords; a child but also our God. Emmanuel – God with us!

In a world ravaged by wars and discords, plagued by sickness and disease, stricken by poverty and untold hardship, wrapped in the broad leaf of immorality and corruption etc, Christmas remains a message of love, faith and hope. God is with us!

Let us be the Christmas message of love and peace to one another today and always by allowing Christ to be truly born in our hearts and families.

Merry Christmas to you my beloved friend.

I appreciate you and wish you the best of this beautiful season.


-Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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