The family is the very cradle of human existence; one of the beautiful gifts of God to human beings. The Holy Family is the ideal Family which all families are called to emulate. May your family be a fountain of joy and fruitfulness for you in the remaining few days of this year and in the years to come; Amen.
Every family is a bundle of gifts and blessings; gifts and blessings which God distributes for the up building of our families and of the society at large. The presence and realities of these gifts and blessings is the very message of the First Reading of this morning (Ecclesiastics 3:3-7; 14-17). Every member of every family is a bundle of gifts; fathers, mothers and their children share in this bundle of blessings. Just like in the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; there is in every family a Jesus who is the synthesis of God’s treasures in that family, there is a Mary who is a synthesis of the vessel that attracts the best of God’s gifts to the family and of course there must be a Joseph whose docility protects God’s blessings in each family.

Despite these many blessings which God has given to our families, many families are regrettably facing difficult moments and hardships. The most deficient and destructive common phrase describing this condition in some spheres is {irreconcilable differences!} One thing we must remember today is that just like the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, every family must experience a moment of turbulence. It comes in different forms and styles for each family. The turbulence of your family is different for that of mine. For the Holy Family in the Gospel Reading of today (Matthew 2:13-15; 19-23), it was Herod trying to permanently take away the very treasure that distinguishes this family. That is the mission of every turbulence, to take away that treasure which is the source of joy and happiness in your family.

One important message we must learn from the Holy Family today is to know that it is only the voice of God that can direct us in such moments of turbulence. Many times we follow the direction of friends and multiple human agents forgetting the very Agent that brought our families into existence. It was the Voice of God that directed the Holy Family to Egypt, away from the wicked plans of Herod; and back to Nazareth to the holy plans of God. In moments of turbulence, always remember to search for the voice of God and follow His direction. His Voice and Direction can never lead us to unforgiveness, division and disintegration. His voice will always lead us to succour, forgiveness, reconciliation, joy and the fulfillment of God’s plans in our families.

I pray for your family and for every family, that the grace of the Holy Family will flow into and take hold of our families through Christ our Lord; Amen. Happy Feast;

– Fr Cyril Unachukwu


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