Woke from sleep to discover my pen has been refilled with ink and my hands made light.

Waited on the Lord to hear what He would say and my mind was illumined by the amazing refulgence in the presence of Eternal Wisdom to understanding when everything would be okay. Our endeavors and undertakings are teleological in nature.

We consciously or unconsciously look forward to when everything would be okay. When would everything be okay? Have you ever reflected on things being okay? At a time when progression or retrogression no longer means much; the question of when would things be okay becomes pertinent. The evaluation of things are better done at the end.

Evaluating things at their start may not give a perfect analyses of their state. Everything is okay at the end. If it is not the end, then its not okay. Let us not lose hope in any situation we find ourselves.

There is a joyful end for those who remain faithful to uprightness.
It’s been a while.

Happy New month!


–Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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