At certain times in life we cannot but say good bye. Saying good bye to someone special or to a wonderful people may open the tear ducts in one’s eye, cause one to take a deep breathe and make one speechless. Have you ever had to say good bye with tears rolling down your cheeks? I remembered the day I left home to begin the training towards becoming a Roman Catholic Priest.

Dad accompanied me to the bus station. We waited for the bus to get filled and I took my seat. As soon as the driver was set to move the car, I saw tears rolled down dad’s cheeks as he waved good bye.

In the bus where I was, the experience of dad was mine as well. Remembering the incident narrated above, I wish to reflect on the tears of goodbye. The tears of goodbye is not the tears of division and brokenness but tears of unity and wholeness.

The tears of goodbye is the tears of love which expresses commitment and solidarity. The tears of goodbye should not be held back if it comes but should be allowed to flow. The tears of goodbye is beautiful.

Wherever we find ourselves, let us relate with the people and the environment in such a way that the tears of goodbye would not be found wanting when we are set to go. If we are to leave where we have been for else where, will any eye turn red let alone shedding tears?

Do have a blessed weekend.


–Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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