I woke from sleep recently to read a text message sent to me by a believer. Below is the content of the text message:

“Good morning Fr, pls help me to ask God, Why Is My Life Different From Others? Let Him Come And Take My Life.  Am Fed Up Because I Know He Listens To You. That Is why I am Sending  you to Him”.

For a moment I was quiet pondering on the condition that believer might be going through to have necessitated the sending of the above message via sms to me.

Dear, others may not really know what is going on in your life right now. Perhaps, the water has risen to your neck and you are at the verge of drowning.

May be you are already contemplating suicide or deciding to take pleasure in dark activities so as to come out of the present misfortune sequel of the vicissitudes of life.

Listen! You can’t afford to give up now. I have observed from personal experience that things often become more difficult when a breakthrough is close at hand. God is the sight beyond what we see. For those who believe, all things work together for good.

Please, do not use your present situation to conclude on how your tomorrow would be. Our God is able, He is mighty and faithful. He never sleeps, He never slumbers. He is never tired of hearing our prayers.

Dear, I encourage you always to rest in His love and cast all your cares on Him. You are in my prayers.

Fr Abiagom Augustine cm 

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