THE SAINTS: A reflection on saints triumphant

What comes to mind when saints are mentioned and celebrated? Who are the saints? Who can be a saint? Anwsers to the questions afore stated would shed light on the the Church’s celebration of ‘All Saints’ today.

At certain times we may have often misconstrued saints as extraordinary created beings as different from ordinary mortals like us. The celebration of saints may have appealed to us as the celebration of sinless human persons.

Nevertheless, it is good to understand that saints were ordinary people like us who experienced the weaknesses we experience but whom not allowing the weakness of the flesh to ruin them, alligned their good human efforts to God’s grace and were victorious at the end of their existence on earth.

We celebrate today every good person who has left this world marked with the sign of faith. Every person proclaimed saint officially by the Holy Mother Church is saint indeed because the Church is aided by divine assistance In the beatification and canonization of saints. There are also so many saints who have not been officially declared saints whom at this point are known to God alone.

The members of the church suffering (souls in purgatory), the members of the church militant (believers on earth) can become saints triumphant. The former depend strongly on our intercession as suffrages for the expiation of their sins and the later ought to work out their salvation with fear and trembling by living in holiness and love.

Dear, let us live our lives with the view of becoming a candidate of heaven not hell.

Happy Solemnity of All Saint.

St. Vincent De Paul, St. Augustine, St.Monica, St. Louis De Marrillac and all the saints – pray for us.


-Fr Augustine Abiagom CM

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