The most important thing in life is to have the greatest people who can turn your life around for good. I mean, those who would always remind you that you need to improve on whatever you are doing. People who would help you discover the real meaning of life and give your life an awesome meaning.

I do not know your intention of creating a Facebook account, but I would tell you that my utmost desire for having a Facebook account is not only to connect with people, but to have good people who would help me advance my dreams.

Wisdom grows with age, and with the meeting and talking, you balance your way of thinking, and the things you even do.

Friends and family play important roles in the life of an individual and we assume that a major percentage of the attitude we portray is as a result of their influence.

I simply admire those who are intelligent. Those whose knowledge and ability is to a point that is unimaginable. Such are those who build a better connection with me, and I can hang out with them to any level. When you come in contact with people of this kind, you would have a change of life, dreams and a way of evaluating issues.

We need to grow. We really need to upgrade. If your interest in life is to make friends who are mostly parasitic in nature, you are limiting what would have come to you in a day to months. When your dream is to be an artist, meet those who are more deeply rooted in it. If you want to be a writer, there are people you need to have in your life to make your life advancing. If you are aiming at a bigger position; connect them, build a symbiotic collaboration. From there, you’re going to soar.

The best joy in life is to see yourself achieving that goal you have always dreamed of. In order to catch up on this, you need to walk up to someone and ask the person; “Please, are you going my way?” You cannot grow when you feel that you can get everything by your power. You can only step up to spice up your life with people who meaningfully multiply your burning zeal to achieve your objectives.


-Princewell Okwuoha

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