Aligning our earthly vocations with our salvation

In life, the ultimate goal is our salvation.   It however, does not necessarily mean that we should ignore our earthly vocations and live idly waiting for the day that Christ comes.

We are called to work hard towards our goals and ambitions too. Do not idly sit back and think that excess money is a sin therefore you should take things as they come and go.

Work hard, strive hard for success. Your body and soul are both God’s creations and you need to take care of each of them.

When you dress, wear clothes that are clean and modest. Holiness is not wearing dirty or oversized clothes. Rather holiness is being content with what you have. If a dirty or oversized cloth is what you can afford, fine; wear it with pleasure and joy, but if you know that you can afford to dress more nicely, I think you should. If you live in a desert devoid of people, you can wear whatever dirty oversized clothes you want, but as long as you live in this world, I believe, you should give a proper representation of yourself and of Christians, dress modestly and nicely. People should look at you and admire you. You should be a source of motivation to them. This is my own ideology, it might be different from those of others.

The idea is to align both your worldly activities with your salvation. If you’re a student, study hard, and stop spending the whole day in church. Rather, let your life be so united with God that you understand how to make good use of the time that he has given you, so that while you’re even studying you’re doing so in His presence.

If you’re a graduate, work hard to be successful. Don’t sit back and wait for a miracle, make plans, work towards them and pray to God to continually guide you.

As Christians, we should work towards excelling in all things. However, our distinction from the rest of the world is this; “that our salvation is priceless and we would never compromise it for anything; not even for the whole world”. This should guide us into knowing when to stop, this should always be at the back of our minds to put us in check.

May God bless us with His wisdom and grace to live wisely. Amen.

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