Dear friend, life’s journey requires a vehement faith, hope and love commitment to God and neighbour. Though the arrow may pierce, longings to fill may abound and raging tempest to still. To believe that one has been abandoned by God is a great mistake.

The trials and temptations of life may be unto you as the surging of the sea. The whole picture before you may be loosing meaning. The compass paving your journey paths may have been broken or at the verge of breaking. Wait a moment and listen!

If you are a true child of God, ‘ALL THINGS’ I repeat ‘ALL THINGS’ will work together for your good. An interesting story of joy will be told by you or about you today or tomorrow. Tears will meet with smiles in your life. Stop contemplating suicide. You are not cursed. It’s never too late for Jesus Christ. He will be your light in the darkest night.

Love you.

– Fr Augustine Abiagom CM


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