You alone should know about your acts of charity

Charity cleanses multiple sins. Learn to give to those who have little. God blesses the heart that gives.

However, when you give, do so in hiding. No one should hear about it. When you give, you score heavenly points, and rewards are kept safe for you in heaven. But when you talk about your charitable acts, you lose points. Because people begin to revere you, and praise you, and this brings a feeling of pride.

Heavenly rewards are far precious than any earthly reward the world may give. Wait silently and patiently for God to reward your charitable acts. You spoil your good works when you make people look at you highly for your good deeds. Rather, hide quietly and ensure that no one knows about your acts of love. This way, God in heaven will bless you to the fullest.

God loves charity. Charity is an act that moves the heart of God. It can make God close his eyes to one’s sins and bless them. It’s silly to spoil such great favours as a result of vanity and pride.

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