Our relationship with divinity and humanity is strongly consolidated on the above expressions. Any relationship be it on the vertical or horizontal plane devoid of the above expressions will not be blissful.

I Not to feel remorse, admit and confess our faults when we offend God and our neighbour is a pride unto death. Not to be grateful to God and neighbour prevents the flow of grace.

‘Am sorry’ should not be said for saying sake. Efforts ought to be made constantly to removing the ‘sorry situation’ or circumstance. ‘Thank you’ should express the impression of the heart and not just the lips.

Check any relationship that has gone sour, its either ‘am sorry’ is not said or its said to fulfil all righteousness without its saying being meant as the ‘sorry situation’ keeps on repeating itself since little or no effort is made to removing it. On the other hand, a person or some persons in the relationship may have taken for granted the love of the other person or persons. Hence, ‘thank you’ is found wanting.

King David was such a man of humble and contrite heart as well as a man of thanksgiving. No wonder He was so much loved by God. Dear, learn to say a meaningfully today; ‘am sorry’ and ‘thank you’ and secure your good relationship with God and humanity.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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