Words reasonably spoken or written have the ability to change lives and reconstruct the broken walls of our world. Beneath such notable words are deep thoughts from great minds and beautiful hearts. I wonder how many of the spoken and written words of the present dispensation would outlive its era to becoming a real source of light and strength for coming generations.

The ancient words resounds with God’s own heart for you and for me. The ancient words will never fall to the ground as they remain true for us at all times. The ancient words are words needed to impart order and calm into a world so confused and distressed.

Words become ancient when they reflect the true love of God and neighbour, calling all and sundry to authentic faith, hope and love in the spirit of an enduring sacrificial existence for the common good. How ancient would be our words? Unless the ancient words guide us home, we shall roam in shame here on earth and end up in hades. May we never forget the holy words of our faith handed down to this age. May we keep and treasure the ancient words and hand them accordingly to the generations coming after us. O Lord! that the ancient words may impart; we pray.

Have a great weekend.
Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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