Most times we enjoy music when we are happy. It may suprise you to know that many people enjoy music in their happy mood without understanding the lyrics.

The understanding of the lyrics of a song often comes when the one listening to the song is sad. Does this mean we have to be sad necessarily to understanding the lyric of a song?

Who loves pain? Who prays for pain? Pain could be a physical discomfort, an emotional suffering or spiritual aridity. Is there anything positive about pain?

Dear, we should not be too much in a hurry to escaping from pain. Pain though unpleasant and discomforting can have a very positive effect in our lives if we are humble and patient enough to learning from it.

Pain is a teacher. If we let our pains teach us, we would learn values that would build and shape our lives for better. This is no call to go look for pain or create pain for ourselves or for others. But it is a call to see something positive in the pains that may often come naturally to us.

I have learnt much from pain.Has pain ever taught you?


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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