Atheists need all the love they can get

Those atheists who do not believe in God;

What goes through their mind when they look at nature?

How do they think water came about?

Who do they think created the sky and the heavens?

What science in all its wisdom can create healthy fruits and herbs which heal?

What about air? How do they think it came about?

The wisdom of man; do they think it just came to be? No supreme being is behind it?

Who do they talk to when they face difficulties?

What do they place their hope in?

If they go for a job interview and hope to get the job what do they do?

When their loved ones are sick in the hospital and they hope with all their might that they get better, what do they do? Who do they pray to?

For the atheist soldiers that go to war, who do they pray to for victory?

When they are afraid, who do they talk to?

In whose hands do atheists place their lives and their hopes?

These questions go through my mind when I come across atheists.

Life must be really hard for them.

They do not enjoy the beautiful conversations we have with Jesus;

They do not even enjoy the peaceful and loving feeling the Holy Eucharist gives;

They do not enjoy the feeling of God’s presence within and around them every day;

They are unable to really marvel at God’s creations; they think they just “appeared” there;

They have no one to talk to when they are sad;

They have no one to pray to when they have expectations;

They can’t also pray for their sick loved ones;

Now I understand why most atheists suffer depression and commit suicide;

It’s because they have to hold it all in; they have to walk through this earth’s journey alone; with no heavenly being to guide them.

These atheists need all the love they can get.

Same for Christians who do not practice the Christian faith and live like pagans;

Love is all we can offer to them;

Give them all the love in the world;

Help them to understand that life shouldn’t be that hard;

Anyone who has Jesus is wealthy.

A man who has Jesus has everything he needs;

He has no need for frivolities and irrelevant things.

Love abounds in the life and heart of any man who has Jesus as his God and Saviour;

So give out all the love you can to the people around you.

This way they can understand that life shouldn’t be so hard;

And with Jesus, they can have it all.

May God bless us all through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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