You Too Can Be a Saint

While growing up, a lot of us were told series of exhilarating stories about the lives of saints and how they carried out extraordinary things. How they prayed 23hrs a day, how they thoroughly mortified their flesh so that they soon became living spirits only aware of heavenly things and numb to the things of this world. We heard stories of saints who would be raised up to the ceiling as they prayed. Stories that showed us how deeply united the saints were to God.

Even now, we see a few people, priests and lay men who fervently serve the Lord and do extraordinary things. People who when you look at them, or when you listen to them, you instantly are reminded of Jesus and all his heavenly beings.

Sainthood isn’t an impossible task. It isn’t such a difficult task. It’s just that the church usually gives special recognition to those ones with really strong impact and intensity on the people around them.

According to Saint Theresa, heaven is like a garden. Roses are there, sunflowers, and lilies too, and a variety of other kinds of flowers with different strengths, and attributes. In God’s garden there are shrubs too, and grasses, and small seedlings that can only grow to a certain extent.

This shows us that heaven isn’t actually for only those extraordinary people with great strength. Heaven consists of both the strong and the weak. Therefore do not despair and think that you cannot attain sainthood because you actually can.

Just inflame in your heart, a fervent love for Jesus. The flame may be really tiny right now, but do not allow it go off. Gradually, through frequent mediation, and prayer, it would grow into a bigger fire and you’ll find yourself aflame with love for him so much so that your only desire would be to please him and remain united with him.

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