We often behold life with relation to the unfolding of our aspirations and dreams with an imperfect vision. Viewing the unravellings of life with a blurred vision; I have sometimes said and heard people say “if I were told it wouldn’t work or vice versa, I would not have believed it.”

When we rely solely on our vision, we may often see darkness where light exist or joy where sadness wets the floor.

Our vision is often blurred because they aren’t perfect in themselves unless perfected by God. Having viewed severally with our vision, we often come to realize our inability to seeing through the reality of every page life’s book has opened for us in the course of our pilgrim journey on earth.

Pondering on the limitation of my vision, I write in desire of the perfect vision; the vision that sees through the eye of God, the sight beyond what I see.
O that the Lord may open the eyes of our minds!
O that we may see with the heavenly eyes!
O that the Lord may be our vision! Be thou our vision I humbly pray. Love.
Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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