(A must Read for married and singles anticipating marriage).

We often hear people say in relation to marriage; ‘I am searching for the right person’ or ‘ I married the wrong person’. The institution of marriage in this time than ever faces the challenge of standing against a horrific gale blowing from the heart of the world’s desert.

One major problem rocking the marriage boat is the refusal of many people to make the decision of becoming the right Person in relationships rather than searching for the right Person.

Several right persons have become wrong persons because of wrong persons who searched for right persons. I encourage the married and those looking forward to getting married in life to become the right persons by loving sincerely and living right.

Gay Marriage is a lie! There can be no becoming a right person in Gay Marriage! Its endorsement by the government of some top nations in the world does not make it right. What is wrong is wrong irrespective of who does or affirms it and vice-versa.

Dear one, kindly become the right person today in marriage and godly relationship which has marriage in view.

Have a beautiful week. N.B: Please share this message.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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