By: Fr Abiagom Augustine CM

When certain things begin to happen it is often worthwhile to take some moments of respite to reflecting on such happenings before saying a word or making some remarks. Black Slavery in Black but white skinned Libya! How do we explain this?

1. A Message to African Leaders:

Leaders of Africa, your election into political offices aren’t meant to enslave your people but to free them. Selfishness and wickedness has often blinded your eyes to seeing the plights of your people. Creating a futureless atmosphere, many young people flee from the land through the desert and the sea only to be devoured by the wild beast, eaten by the fish or enslaved by their brothers. African leaders, repent!

2. Message to Young People:

Life overseas is not a bed of roses! To think that across the sea means the end of sorrow is a white lie! Unless you have your legal documents and have a clear vision why you are to leave your fatherland to reside in another country even within your continent; never depart your home! The fortune we often seek out there is with us. Why become a slave abroad when you are a prince at home? Be positive in your mind, work with your hands, love your neighbour as yourself and believe in God; you can find gold in your father’s compound.

3. Message to Libyan Government:

It is true that several immigrants have entered your country illegally with the aim of leaving for Europe. Don’t kill them! Don’t enslave them! Love them and rapatraite them to their countries!

4. To Good Citizens:

Government cannot do everything. If you you can make life better for the young man or woman out there; kindly do so. If you better the life of someone, you would prevent at least 5 persons from the experience of slavery. God does not enslave us! Why do we enslave one another?


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