Blessed Lamb


  1. Blessed Lamb! on Calv’ry’s mountain

Slain to take our sins away:

Let the drops of that rich fountain

Our tremendous ransom pay:

Sacred Savior! Sacred Savior!

Lowly at Thy feet we pray.


  1. Blessed Lamb! vouchsafe us pardon,

In thy love our souls confide:

By Thy groans within the garden,

By the death which Thou hast died,

Let Thy Passion, let Thy Passion

Ever more with us abide!


  1. So shall peace, sweet peace be given,

Purchase of Thy precious pain;

So shall earth but lead to heaven,

Since for us the Lamb was slain:

Dear Redeemer! dear Redeemer!

Thou canst not have died in vain.


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