May you and your family be chosen by the Lord and invited to dwell in His courts.

May the Lord fill your life with the good things of His house and holy temple.

May you and your family experience constantly the marvels of God, His awesome deeds for the children of Adam, May the hand of the Lord be upon you and your family.

All you do that accords with the holy will of God will so prosper beyond your widest imagination.

May the Lord bless your going out and coming in, your earlier rising and your later rest.

May the Lord anoint you and your family with the oil of gladness, your robes all myrrh and aloes.

May the river whose streams bring joy to God’s city and which sanctifies the dwelling of the Most High flow endlessly into your family

May the blessing of the Almighty God; + Father, Son and Holy Spirit come down upon you and your family and forever remain with you.

Have a week filled with joy of the Lord.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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