Permit me to ask.
Do we still have people who can accept the conditions life offered to them without tracing back to what one human from their country home, may have been planting? Have we turned to ourselves and confide in our mind, that the life we live, is a journey of faith. If you’ve not thought of some of such, then be aware you are having a blocked faith.

At times, we have never imagined that our life is saddled with unwavering faith in God. We often do convince ourselves that what we do and have, actually came to us through our strength. It’s more good we note, that our existence, came through faith. When we believe that our help comes from an unseen man, what do you think that kept us so knit, if not faith.

When life seems so difficult for us, and we realise an opposite of what we feel life can present. What do we do at that moment? To be sobber? To be desolate? To despair? No! They aren’t going to make you a courageous Christian. You would need to turn your faith loose and unblock all those avenues that has made you look weary.

No matter what, faith has been a guidance towards our voyage to discovering Christ. If we don’t have faith, how will we accept that Our Lord Jesus Christ came to save us? How will we trust in God and believe that he made us and had created us for a purpose on earth.

Our faith should be like a monthly subscription, we subscribe it when it’s low and get it updated. So should we subscribe our daily faith in God through reading the Bible and living a life worthy of a Christian. Open up your heart to give God the best through having a strong faith in the Lord.

– Princewell Okwuoha.

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