April 3, 2020

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Canada: Pray and fast now to stop radical transgender bill

The Senate will be voting on Bill C-16 and it is expected to pass third reading and receive royal assent before the end of this legislative session. Over the past year, this bill has raised many concerns among Canadians.

Parents have questioned the access C-16 will give men who identify as women to change rooms and washrooms potentially giving the opportunity to predators to fake an opposite sex identity.

Further criticism has come from women shelters wanting to protect access to their facility. Journalists and columnists have also criticized C-16’s restrictions on free speech. But first and foremost, Professor Jordan Peterson has challenged the premise of the bill itself, its enforcement and direct attack on truth, most recently at the Senate committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Professor Peterson has awakened public consciousness and has proved to be a hero in this battle.

In order to have done all we can, Campaign Life Coalition asks Canadians to unite in prayer and fasting to defeat this bill. Please also keep Professor Peterson in your prayers.

We ask God our Father to bring clarity and courage through His Holy Spirit, to each and every senator. May the Lord see to it that this bill is rejected by the Senate of Canada.

—Life Site

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