Catholic priest defends burning Pachamama effigy as within ‘law of God’

A Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Mexico City, whose video posted over the weekend went viral after he burned effigies of the pagan “Pachamama” statues in atonement for the sin of idolatry at the Amazon Synod, is defending his actions, saying that they fall within the “law of God.”

Fr. Hugo Valdemar Romero, the former spokesman of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview that he was motivated to lead his congregation in prayers of reparation, burning the effigies of the Pachamama, because of the “scandal and the pain caused by the serious acts of idolatry, carried out in the Vatican with Amazonian idols during the Synod of the Amazon.”

“Many very wounded and angry faithful looked to me, asking us (clergy) to do something to show our repudiation of idolatry and to ask God for forgiveness for so many sacrileges and profanations, so I decided to do these acts of reparation,” he said.

When asked if he had received retaliation from members of the hierarchy for burning the Pachamama effigies, Fr. Valdemar Romero replied that so far, he had not, but that he was willing to “answer for my actions.”

“I have not yet received any censorship, and of course I am willing to answer for my actions. These actions, however, are not outside the law of God or canon law. I am not afraid because I feel protected by God and especially by Our Lady of Guadalupe—I will always defend Her Honor.”

The priest contrasted the idol Pachamama with the Virgin Mary under the title of “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” who appeared to Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico in 1531.

“I spoke to an exorcist from Mexico City who told me that the figure of the Pachamama was a parody of the Virgin of Guadalupe,” Fr Valdemar Romero explained.

“Our Lady, Santa Maria de Guadalupe appears in Her holy image as a pregnant woman. She came to give birth to Jesus, Light of the World and the only True God, the sole purpose of our life. She came as The Woman of the Apocalypse, clothed with the sun with the moon at Her feet,” he said.

“This Pachamama, in contrast, is about to give birth to a red creature, demon colored, and that creature is nothing less than a ‘new church.’ This ‘church’ was born by the synod that has just ended— this so-called ‘church with an Amazonian face’ that pretends to have orthodox rites, but is promoting (the notion of) female deacons and married priests, all contrary to Catholic doctrine and the tradition of the (Roman) Church.”

Fr. Hugo Valdemar Romero provided LifeSite with the prayers that he used in leading the congregation to make reparation for the worshiping of Pachamama in Rome during the Amazon Synod.



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