Celebrate with Jesus this Christmas

Celebrate with Jesus this christmas by giving gifts to the poor and visiting the sick.

Parents out of love, buy the best gifts for their children;

Husbands buy the most expensive gifts for their wives;

Wives go the extra mile to make delicacies for their family;

Friends go the extra mile to buy gifts for each other and spend quality time together;

People travel long distance to be with their loved ones;

All these happen in celebration of Christmas.

However, very little is done in honor and thanksgiving to God for sending His son to redeem mankind;

Very little is done to celebrate with Jesus.

Remember always that Jesus is very much present in the poor and sick;

Showing love to the needy is the same as showing love to Jesus.

Spending time with the lonely is you spending time with Jesus.

Visiting the sick and making them happy is you visiting Jesus.

Celebrate not just with your loved ones, but with Jesus too.

Do not say there are no poor people around you, look for them.

They are everywhere.

Show love to Jesus in celebration of His birthday.



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