Challenges facing Christian Homes.

Marriage is a divine gift and a blessing. Marriage stands at the centre of human existence. It is the vital cell on which the stability of the society depend.

However, the marriage institution in recent times is faced with numerous challenges which threatens its sacredness and perpetual stability.

Amidst the numerous challenges confronting the institution of marriage, I wish to reflect briefly on two teething challenges – Materialism and Infidelity.


Fundamentally, love is the bedrock of an authentic marriage. Unfortunately, the virtue of love is been given a secondary place in marriages today sequel to the influence of materialism. Consequently, only few couples are able to pull through difficult moments resulting from financial constraints.

Erroneously, some ladies are of the opinion that marriage brings to an end all their material predicaments. Trying to meet the extravagant needs of their wives, some men have gone into dirty dealings.


The unfortunate sexual revolution in the world of today has in no small measure corrupted the conjugal love on which the essential elements of marriage – “Good of the spouses” and the “Procreation and education of offspring” are built.

Consequently, the essential properties of marriage – Unity and Indissolubility, is gradually been contrasted with divorce, polygamy and polyandry.

Unless sincere love leads the way in marriage, as is evident in Christ’s love for his Church and in the humble submission of the Church to Christ her groom; materialism and infidelity would succeed in ruining the Joy of the gift and blessing of marriage.

I wish all married couples and those preparing for marriage the blessing and peace of God.

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