Choosing a Life Partner


The institution of marriage expresses the intent of God; for human completeness and happiness.

Beyond doubt, the dream of most young people is to be happily married. On weekly basis, wedding bells are rung in churches around us; indeed, adequate reasons to be glad and long for ours to come.

However, before you choose and accept him or her as husband or wife, there is something you must do.

Many who now prefer HELL to their marital life, failed to do what is most necessary before getting married.
Yes, there are lots of men and woman; rich and poor, tall and short, light and dark skinned, literate and illiterate… don’t fail to hearken to this voice, silent and true.

Please spend time in seeking the face of God in prayer before choosing and accepting Aa or Bb as husband or wife.
Wealth, beauty, handsomeness, race, tribe. Colour, Class, healthiness, character, etc should not be a hindrance to your praying.

Please Pray!


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm


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