Christian Trials; How to Overcome Them

christian trials

Christian trials; how to overcome them

While for some, the storm lasts for a really short time, for others, their lives here on earth are full of storms and lightenings. No matter the trials we go through however, we are called to seek only the will of God in all things.

When faced with difficulty, let it ring in our minds that Jesus loves us and would see us through our trials.

Therefore we should not pray like men who have lost all hope. Rather, we should pray with a knowing smile, telling God where it hurts, relaying to him how weak we are and yet believing that he would save us.

Before we were born, he knew us, he even called us by our name. God knows the future. He himself is the beginning and the end of all things. Therefore, whatever happens to us, he knows. Whenever we go through trials and are sad, he knows.

The fact that he already knows is not reason enough to not pray. We are called to pray always. In joy or in sorrow, pray.

Our relationship with Jesus should be such that when we go through the toughest trials, we would go on our knees, telling Jesus about it; and even though the answers do not come as quickly as we expect, we would believe that Jesus knows best and in the end, we would be triumphant.

The children of Jesus are victorious children. We never fail. As long as we do all that we have to do, both in our studies, at our places of work, etc. we shall be triumphant eventually. Things might seem hard, complications might arise, but we shall be victorious.

Try as much as you can to avoid sin. Whenever you find yourself in sin, hurry to confession. Make an effort to please God and be faithful to him.

The key to this victory is this; “trust in God always and obey him”. If you have done all that is expected of you as an individual and as a Christian, leave all the other things to God and keep believing that he is watching and he never fails.

Bombard heaven day and night with your prayers and thanksgiving. Keep reminding him that you would never stop trusting in his undying love for you. Do not pray like a faithless man; do not get overwhelmed by whatever it is you are passing through.

Always remember that God loves you and everything would work out for your good eventually

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