Compromising Your Faith, Out Of Fear Of Failure Is Failure Itself

How quickly do you turn away from God when faced with disappointments? Are you like Peter who denied Christ in the face of distress? Or like John who stood by Christ all through His passion?

A love dependent on the weather is not love at all. Loving God only in joyful moments is not love at all. Being faithful to God only when everything is going well is not love at all.

The martyrs were faithful to Christ even in the face of death. In spite of death threats and torture, they remained true to Him. They never compromised. However, a lot of us Christians are quick to deny our beliefs when faced with difficulty. A lot of us are quick to forget. We forget that everything that has happened to us happened as a result of God’s mercy. We forget that we are alive as a result of God’s love. We forget a lot of things. We forget so easily that we begin to think that these things are our right.

It is nobody’s right to walk, to see, to breathe, to be beautiful, etc. it is nobody’s right to even talk. It is nobody’s right to get married, or to bear children. God allows these things for his own reasons. Can you make a plant grow on its own without sand, or without air? We can do nothing. We are helpless without God. Helpless without nature. Nobody can survive without the things God made.

He does these things because He has His reasons. Because He wants to. Not like we deserve them or it is our right. This was probably Job’s perspective when he said Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.”

When you understand that God is in control of everything, I doubt if you’ll see any reason to succumb to any temptation out of fear of losing something precious.

A lot of people compromise their values out of fear. They steal, give and accept bribes, even kill, just out of fear of failure. They forget that God is the ultimate. He gives and takes. Nothing happen to you without Him knowing about it.

The devil just plays with our minds and allows us live in fear of him. Nothing can happen to you without God permitting it. So instead of being afraid of failure, you should be more afraid of getting on God’s bad side.

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