Who Will Console My Agonizing Heart?

Praise be to God who loves us despite our flaws. Praise be to Him who thinks about us always even though we crucify Him through our sins

Who Will Console My Agonizing Heart?

Who will wipe my bloody face and console me?

I am looking for who will console my heart

Since all my lovers have forsaken me


Where are you all my lovers?

Have you forgotten your Saviour?

The one who gave His life to set you free;

Now I am looking for consolation


The lack of prayer and meditation in your life

Keeps you very far from me;

Think of me always in your very souls;

It is the road that leads to our home


I am looking for all my children;

Those whom I shed my blood for their sake;

They stand out watching my agonising face

With a bitter sword of negligence


I am the king of kings;

I left my glory as God the son

And came to the world to save mankind;

Now all my lovers have forsaken me

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