Daily reflection for Thursday after Ash Wednesday (1)

Daily reflection for Thursday after Ash Wednesday


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi EHJ

Reflection for Thursday March 3 2022


Lk 9: 22 – 25

Jesus invites me to the acceptance of my daily crosses. Life is not all about pleasure and enjoyment. Sufferings and troubles are inevitable in life. I should accept and bear them just as I do when things are pleasant and good. Do I cheerfully carry my daily burdens? Do I avoid incessant complaints?
Oh Lord my God, help me to make big and small self-sacrifices during this special penitential season, for this is the way I can gain eternal life. Help me to know and accept the fact that there are things I must endure in life just as there are things I enjoy. Lord I want to behold your heavenly glory after my sojourn on earth. Amen.
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