Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Consecrate yourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Say your morning offering devoutly and do special devotions to her.

The blessed virgin is a terror to the devil. As long as you are living in her immaculate heart, the devil becomes afraid of you. She protects you from sin. She gives you strength, she gives you a clear eyes to see the world differently.

When you look at certain people and the weird things they do, understand that they have no understanding of what they are doing. When you sin, especially when you’re not fully grounded in Christ, you believe you’re having fun and it’s a bore to live a holy life. You’ll feel it’s so hard to please God, and you’ll start asking silly questions like; why does God allow us sin? Why did he give us certain desires, when he doesn’t want us to sin? These are all signs of the devil dancing on the head of such a foolish person. Mary blesses her children with holy wisdom so that you can view the world differently and understand Christ better.

Devotion to the blessed virgin gives you a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus, devotion to the blessed virgin leaves you dwelling protectively and peace fully within her immaculate heart. There, no evil can befall you. There she guides and protects you. She also teaches you to be firm in holiness by allowing certain temptations befall you from time to time. She does this to teach you to build a firm will and total resolve to resist sin and its evil pleasures.

Hide yourselves in the immaculate heart of Mary so that she can teach you to love her son perfectly. Do devotion to her and honour her just like Christ asked us to. Adore Christ by loving his mother who went through so much while on earth.

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