I was reflecting on the possibility of my asking one who betrayed me thrice, the question of love. However, Jesus Christ asked Peter; do you love me?

Imagine the offence of Peter against Jesus! Denied Christ three times! Vowed previously never to do so! Does he Peter deserve to have been asked the question of love when his action already showed hate?

The question of love can only be asked when we do not write off our enemies and those who loved us but failed us; but love them despite their offences against us.

Jesus asked Peter thrice if he loved him perhaps to make up for the three times Peter denied Him. Peter affirmed his love for Christ thrice, a perfect renewal of love.

Let us give a second chance to those who among us may have gone off track and see how strong they would hold our renewal of trust in them.

Do you love me? …


Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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