Drag As Many Souls As Possible To Christ

God has called us to join Him in heaven at the end of our earthly journey. Earth is a place where a lot of God’s children lose their kingship. During our earthly journey, many of God’s children get lost and become slaves of the devil. However, some remain fervent in prayer and love for God. These ones are saved and would make heaven. However, would you meet the Lord alone? Is it not love of neighbour to drag your brothers and sisters with you? Would it be fair to allow your brother drown in sin while you selfishly hide away the secrets of heaven?

In our modern world it has become burdensome to spread the gospel. Because a lot of sins have been legalised and are gradually turning into a norm. And you sound silly preaching against something that a lot of people have termed “normal”. However, we are still called to teach people about Christ, and to stand firm in the faith.

God wants you to come with as many people as possible. There is great rejoicing in heaven over the conversion of a single soul Luke 15: 7; how blessed is the person who facilitated the conversion of that one soul? How much more if he converts 10 people?

We are called to be more generous. Look out for your brother and sister. Heaven is so beautiful, call your friends to join you.

Conversion starts first with living a worthy life. Because you cannot give what you do not have. The best evangelism is that one where people watch you and learn. Look out for your brothers and sisters; I say brothers and sisters because we are all God’s children. It is a great loss if anyone of us misses heaven. So look out for those around you. When they err, help them understand how wrong it is. And pray for them too.

In most of Our Lady’s apparitions, she kept hammering on conversion of sinners, and making reparation for the sins of the world. This goes to show us how worried God and Mary is about our souls.

Drag whoever you can drag with you to heaven. The more the merrier.


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