Dutch bishop joins statement calling for Pope to repent of Pachamama idolatry at Amazon Synod

Bishop Robert Mutsaerts, auxiliary bishop of ’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, has joined the signatories of the “Protest against Pope Francis’ sacrilegious acts” whose statement protesting the pagan worship in the Vatican went online on November 12.

He is the second bishop to have signed the statement since Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò joined the original signatories hours after it was published.

Bishop Mutsaerts is an outspoken prelate who has not hesitated to express criticism of the present “paradigm shift,” also calling the Amazon Synod “the most politically correct meeting of all time.”

Mutsaerts, 61, chose the words “Veritas vos liberabit” (“The truth shall set you free”) as his episcopal motto.

He has been vocal on the Internet about many subjects, including the recent Youth Synod in Rome which he decided not to join as a representative of the Dutch Bishops’ conference, because, he told LifeSite at the time, “the whole thing” would “lack credibility” at a time when accusations of clerical sex abuse and coverups showed that the Church could not even offer youth “security.”

More recently, he published two articles on his blog “Paarse Pepers” (purple peppers) on the Catholic platform VitamineXP, in which he accused the Amazon Synod of pushing a “hidden agenda” that “ignores Christ.”

He wrote: “If you read the working document of the so-called Amazon Synod, it really seems that the intention is for the synod to wind up in a new religion. A kind of eco-socialism, an amalgam of ecology; climate change; ecumenism; viri probati; consecration of women; and, as an afterthought, sometimes a mention of Jesus, but then not as the Son of God and Redeemer: Jesus the philosopher, revolutionary, and hippie.”

In a later post, he added: “If sacraments, sin, justification, and hell are no longer relevant, why should you be having a synod at all?”

On November 5, Bishop Mutsaerts also republished an article by Fr. Cor Mennen – a priest who has also signed the “Protest against Pope Francis’ sacrilegious acts” – against the “Pachamama” venerations in Rome when Father Mennen was slammed by his Bishop Gerard de Korte for having suggested that the Pope was a heretic. He had also called the ceremony in the Vatican gardens around the Pachamama-Mother Earth statuettes “idolatrous,” the “summit of deviation from the will of God.”

Bishop Mutsaerts is clearly not prepared to revise his position and has fully approved the statement available on www.contrarecentiasacrilegia.org, which has been joined by dozens of new signatories since it went online.



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