Most people wish to live healthy to a ripe old age before kicking the bucket. No doubt, it’s your wish as well as mine.

When a young person dies, tears often flow uncontrollably. When a well-aged person dies, it’s often called a celebration of life.

Many years ago I got this understanding from the Lord; “… Dying Young or Old does not necessarily concern the age of one’s existence on earth but has a lot to do with the kind of life that one lived while on earth.”

Could Jesus Christ be said to have died young at thirty three? I believe as you may too, that Jesus is Lord of life who defeated death forever. The death of Jesus which defeated our death cannot in the strict sense be considered untimely because he accomplished his mission in goodness when he said on the cross; it is finished!

Many have died old but who lived in wickedness. To die old but in evil is a wasted life. ‘Dying Old’ is to die when one has fulfilled the purpose of God for one’s life in love of God and neighbour on earth as is determined by GOD, the giver and receiver of life. Dying young is the contrary!

Teach us to O Lord to number our days that we may wise in all that we do and say (Amen).


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm





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