In this earthly Sojourn, Never Compromise

In the course of our earthly sojourn, we are faced with a lot of situations which threaten to take certain things away for us.

For instance, a student is tempted to sleep with her lecturer to gain good marks. A job seeker is tempted to sleep with an employer to get a job, an employee is tempted to divert funds to supplement his very low income, a lady is put under the pressure of fornication to keep her husband to be etc.

These are experiences which most Christians are faced with daily. And they are left with the choice of choosing which is more important to them.

They either do the right thing by upholding morals, or they compromise. The children of God understand that no earthly gift surpasses God’s precepts. Because God is supreme and our salvation is the ultimate.

As Christians we should endeavour to always be in a state of grace. Run away from anything that steals you away from God. Because you are most vulnerable when you are in a state of sin. Sin is a plague, run away from it; no wealth, no husband to be, no degree, no job is as precious as the presence of God within you.

So whenever you are faced to make these choices, do well to choose well. Never compromise.

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