Envy leads to false accusations, Pope Francis says

Pope Francis at the Sunday Angelus address told pilgrims and tourists that envy and jealousy for someone else’s goodness and good works can lead to false accusations.

Reflecting on the day’s Gospel, the Holy Father explored two types of misunderstanding that Jesus had to face, which came from the learned scribes and from his own family members.

Scribes’ unforgivable sin

The Pope said the scribes of Jesus’ day were well instructed in the Sacred Scriptures, and their job was to explain them to people.

Jesus’ fame was beginning to spread, he said, so some scribes were sent to Galilee to discredit him. “These scribes arrive with a precise and terrible accusation: ‘He is possessed by Beelzebul and by the prince of demons he drives out demons.’ (Mk 3:22)

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