The Evil of Pride

Pride goes before a fall is not just a saying. We should learn to think very little of ourselves. The world is much bigger than us and we know very little. In short, we know nothing. So no need feeling like we own the entire world.

Pride is when you have any tiny belief that you are better than the next person.

Pride is also when you believe that someone has nothing to offer you so you refuse to talk to them.

Pride is also when you know that what you did, or are doing is wrong but you refuse blatantly to admit it, because you want to believe that you’re wise and you know better.

Pride is when after an argument, you realise the other person is wrong, so you stuff your nose in the air and stop talking to the person, instead of apologizing to the person and telling him you were wrong just so that peace would reign.

Pride is also when your parents send you on an errand especially when they scream at you disrespectfully, and you refuse to go, or you walk out of the house.

Pride is a lot of things, and it revolves around feelings of presumptions about you being bigger and better than another person. Pride is when you think too highly of yourself.

My holy lord, teach me the virtue of humility.

Help me to understand that everyone on earth is special and I’m in no way better than anyone.

Help me to speak humbly. Destroy the evil of pride and presumption in my poor heart.

Plant the holy virtues of your beloved mother within me. Blessed mother, destroy the evil of pride within me. Mould me into a holy child; one that would please Jesus and fill him with delight. Amen

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