Father, Are You Proud Of Me?

Father, Are you proud of me?

The other day, when I changed into a more modest attire did that please you?

When I refused to engage in sexual sin before marriage were you happy?

How about when I studied hard and refused to idle about while in school, were you smiling down at me?

The other day when I told my friend about how good you had been to me, she marvelled at your unending love and decided to love you. She decided to strive hard to please you. That glorified you right?

I’m asking because I want to know. I want to be sure that I make you happy. I want to know that you are proud of me.

Am I going in the right direction? Is there a ditch ahead? Am I about to fall? Please let me know on time. Warn me ahead so I can change course quickly rather than have me fall into a ditch of sin and darkness.

Unite my heart with your sacred heart so that I may feel what you feel. I desire to think the way you think, to love the way you love, I want to be so intimately united with you that a mere sigh of displeasure from you would be a huge burden of discomfort in my heart.

I love to sing hymns of praises and adoration to you, because my heart cannot contain the deep feeling of gratitude which it feels for all your wonderful gifts to me. I always want to show you how passionately my soul yearns for you. And I am not ashamed to forsake the world and all its beauty for you who is my Lord and Holy God.

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