In the war against addiction to any bad habit, the victim ought to be sincere with the desire of breaking through the bad habit and experiencing freedom. Addiction isn’t something to leave off easily since it has some strong influence in the life of the addicted. The addicted frequently desires to desist from the bad habit but finds him/herself returning over and again to it.

Nevertheless, making honest efforts to be liberated from the shackles of addiction means a lot. What efforts are you making dear? Here are some good steps;

*Ask for God’s help. *Believe you can breakthrough. *Accept the habit is evil. *Hate the habit. *Tell someone worthwhile about it. * Permit him or her to check on you with relation to the addiction. *Keep to useful advice and suggestions from your confidant. *Flee from the occasions, objects or persons that lure you into the bad act. *Don’t be depressed when you fall. Get up confident in God’s love and move on. *Never hate yourself. *Anyone can fall but endeavour not to deliberately cause it. *Don’t accept the lie that it’s ok to remain addicted. *Keep fighting and relying on God’s grace. *Victory will soon be certain. I believe honest effort counts much in the fight against any bad habit.

Have a joyful week.


Fr. Abiagom…

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