FIRST IDENTIFY: An important revelation.


We all seek solutions to one problem or another in our lives. Problems stand as barriers to one’s joy and peace. Who would not wish to live a troubled free life if it were possible in earthly existence?

While certain obstacles are preparatory fields that would launch us to glory, lots of others are not. We must be able to identify necessary oppositions to positions and differentiate them from oppositions to demotions.

We could identify four types of barriers in life; fellow human being(s), nature, Satan and oneself.

1. Balak son of Zippor wanted to be a barrier to Isreal. He employed Balaam to rain curses on Israel but God in turn made Balaam to bless Israel.The Egyptians were a barrier to the Israelites until the day God delivered Israel. Cf: Numbers 22 & 23; Exodus 12-14.

2. Nature could be a barrier in one’s way to freedom. The sea of reeds was a barrier to the Israelites freedom from Egyptian bondage until it was divided. Joshua had to command the sun to stand still at Gibeon and the moon over Aijalon so as to have complete victory over the enemies of Israel. Cf: Exodus 14 & Joshua 10.

3. Satan is the enemy of humanity. Accusing the brethren, it stands as a barrier to many who do not recognize their authority in Christ Jesus. There are demonic forces that stand as barriers to lots of people’s joy and peace. Some of these forces are lithospheric, hydrospheric, biospheric and atmospheric. Cf: Rev 12:10; Eph 6:12.

4. One could be the barrier to oneself and family. David committed a sin that kept the sword dangling in his house. Blood and incest became identified with his family. Cf:
II Samuel 11 & 12.

The second part of this teaching would come. However, identifying the problem is a major step to solving it.

May God open our eyes to identifying the nature of the barriers in our lives so as to help us overcome them.

Have a joyful week ahead.


– Fr Augustine Abiagom

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