It is indubitable that John 3:16 is one of the most popular text of Scripture. As a child it was the first scripture that registered in my mind. My teachers often require me to memorize and recite the aforementioned scriptural text.

Since it is true that John 3:16 states “… so love the world,” why then does the theme of the reflection states … so love Augustine?

Dear, it high time you realized that God loves you personally. God’s love for the world distinctively includes you. He loves you as Peter, Lucy, John, Vivian… You are special to God dearly.

The knowledge that God who so love the world has a no less love for us individually is the first step to opening the door of eternal life for us.

Dear, as you begin this new month and week, always have this truth in mind; GOD LOVES YOU.


Happy new month!

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