There’s No Sin That God Has Not Heard Of

Often times, we are tempted to sit down and start counting our sins and being depressed over them. We pray so hard for God to forgive us but we have not forgiven ourselves. You need to understand that some people have done worse. There is nothing new under the face of the sun.

The beautiful thing about children is that they forget easily. A child will cry out in anger if you hurt her, but after a few hours, maybe after she has slept and woken up, she forgets. She forgets and starts playing with you again. A child doesn’t think too deeply about things, she just does what she wants.

Some people are like that too. They agree today to keep malice with someone but later in the evening, they forget that agreement and they start playing with the person. This type of people do not take things too personal, they let go of things easily and they sleep well at night.

But there are others who would continue to meditate day and night over the wrong someone committed against them in the past ten years. Although they talk to the person who offended them, they can’t help being a bit withdrawn because deep down, they are still offended. This type of people, just as it’s hard to forgive others, find it hard to forgive themselves too.

It’s good to have a sensitive conscience because most times it puts us in check and helps us to be more reasonable. However, once you have done the needful, you should forget the past and move on. Once the priest has absolved you, and you have done your penance, your sin has been forgiven. You should rejoice at God’s mercy and love rather than remaining persistent in self-hate and pity. A lot of people didn’t even have the chance to confess before they died. Once the priest absolves you of your sins and you do your penance, thank God for His mercies and rejoice. Focus more on being a good person going forward. Focus on pleasing Jesus and worshiping him faithfully. People have done worse and God still forgave them.

As often as you can, offer prayers and sacrifices of reparation, do works of charity, but never despair. I’m saying this because a lot of people feel ashamed to talk to God probably because of some sin they committed which they are still holding unto. This leads to despair and such a person feels that heaven is not for him, so he stops struggling and embraces hell.

There’s no sin that God has not heard of. There’s no sin that you’ll confess today and God will say I cannot forgive you. So whatever it is you may have done, throw away pride or self-hate and kneel before God in true contrition and He’ll forgive you. If tomorrow, you make the mistake of falling into the same sin, still go. If for ten consecutive days, you fall into the same sin, still go. At some point you’ll realize how stupid you’ve been and stop sinning altogether. But just keep going to confession for the mean time as often as possible. The worst thing that could happen to a person is for death to meet him unprepared. May the Lord bless us with the grace of wisdom and love of God through Christ our lord. Amen.

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