My experience as a pilgrim on earth has made me realize how weak one can be without the grace of God. Frequently but unwillingly doing the wrong things and not doing the right things may bring about frustration and depression. However, it is good for the believer to acknowledge the truth that “no sin can stand a planck time before the mercy of God when genuinely confessed and renounced”.

The weakeness of the flesh when it neglects the spirit may may lead one to committing an attrocious act that is capable of making the culprit live in a state of perpetual hatred for the self.

Experience as a priest has opened my eyes to the reality that some people receive forgiveness from God but refuse to forgive themselves. Do you hate yourself because of your past sins? Hate yourself no longer. If you have sincerely sought the mercy of the Lord, be sure you have received it. Now, one thing you must do is to forgive thyself.

You are still the Father’s child. He loves you. If He has forgiven those who did worse things than you did; then, your forgiveness has been sealed by the precious blood of His Son. Amazing Grace! Once lost, but now, found by LOVE.

Forgive thyself!

Be happy!

Smile again and remain in His love. Love.

Fr Abiagom Augustine CM 


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