… Fulfilment

If there is something that all and sundry seek in life, ask “fulfilment” for what that is. Fulfilment in my understanding is a deep sense or feeling of satisfaction with relation to ones endeavor and undertaking in the light of existence. How does one become fulfilled? No doubt, there could be several ways to fulfilment but give me permission to reflect here on a primary door to fulfilment.

Can a hungry mother be satisfied eating alone in the presence of her equally hungry children? Can a lecturer be fulfilled by simply communicating mediocre information to students for fear that they may not be better informed than himself? We make a terrible mistake to think we decrease when we positively share our respective life’s best in the light of God’s love with others. Until the moon peeps through the window with a lovely smile at us, an indication that we have lived our lives for God and others, we cannot claim to have understood fulfilment nor experienced it.
Do have a fulfilled life and weekend.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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